Apple iOS 13.5 Details Emerge, Face ID Updates and COVID-19 Proximity Notifications

published 20.05.2020 02:30


Now that face masks have become an essential item to wear out, Apple has been working on an update that will make it easier to unlock Face ID-equipped iPhones while wearing a face mask.

In the new version of iOS, Face ID recognizes when someone is wearing a mask and skips directly to the passcode screen.

While the Face ID tool won’t unlock the phone until the mask has been removed, the new update significantly speeds up access to the passcode field on devices.

The feature will work with the App Store, App Books, Apple Pay, iTunes and other apps as well that require signing in with Face ID.

Other updates include bug fixes and an option to automatically share health and other essential information when an emergency call is placed in the U.S. Stay tuned for further developments from Apple and expect iOS 13.5 to be released to the public shortly.