Who are the top-earning YouTube stars right now

published 19.05.2020 20:00

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The singer and makeup artist has been making huge sums on YouTube for a few years, while also attracting criticism for insensitivity at times.

Jeffree Star is probably the first controversial figure on this list (if you're happy to gloss over the potential dangers of children fronting YouTube channels making huge sums of cash).

Starting life on YouTube with comedy skits and big personalities, Rhett and Link were on to a doozy when they created Good Mythical Morning, a sort of talkshow for the platform that's gone on to huge success.

Ryan's World started as a toy review and unboxing channel, but times change, and as it's exploded into one of YouTube's most popular channels it's become more of an educational platform, with episodes centred around school challenges and learning in fun ways.

There's no doubt that YouTube can feel like a new frontier at times - much like travelling to the West in search of seams of gold, starting a YouTube channel might net you nothing at all in the long run or, if you've got the right blend of content and personality, it could see you hit big.