What is QLED? Samsung's quantum dot panels explained

published 19.05.2020 17:16

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While the advances in brightness are intriguing, Samsung claims that the new QLED TVs have a newly designed pixel panel structure to allow better off-axis viewing.

Samsung says that its QLED TVs use the new filters to display 100% coverage of the DCI/P3 color space (read: much deeper black levels and sparkling ), and maintain that performance whatever the brightness.

Essentially, QLED is a proprietary panel technology developed for top-tier Samsung TVs.

But if you aren't in the know, Samsung's high-end QLED TV technology might sound baffling – and we're here to set you straight on what to expect from QLED, and how it differs from other panels technologies like OLED and LCD.

Samsung itself has given a likely time frame for its QLED televisions, saying that you can expect a QLED TV to last you roughly 7-10 years before you start to see some sort of visual degradation – while stressing that that includes the heavier use expected from smart TVs these days.