How to be an Instagram travel sensation without leaving home

published 18.05.2020 03:50

Image of article 'How to be an Instagram travel sensation without leaving home'

In Western Cape, South Africa, a man stands in the doorway to his home watching the Google Street View car passing by.

The caption reads: "This is one of the first images I ever captured that got me excited about exploring the weird and wonderful world of Street View.

Small and quirky domiciles can be seen behind him, a regular view on the streets of Celaya, Mexico?

This is just one of many desert locales this Instagrammer has travelled to thanks to the power of Google Street View - probably a welcome change to the rain-soaked views of London visible through her flat window.

Using Google Maps to travel to Sun City, Arizona, the Agoraphobic Traveller discovered this impressive street side view of a magnificent tree casting a large shadow over its sunbaked surroundings.