How to save battery on your iPhone

published 20.05.2020 01:25

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A good way to reduce the toll of bright light coming from your display is to switch to Dark Mode, which was added in iOS 13: a test showed switching over could extend battery life by 30%.

You can still text, make calls, and receive data – Low Power Mode just dials down the fancier perks until you switch it off or charge your iPhone above 80% battery.

We’ve outlined a list of eight ways to stretch out an iPhone’s battery life, from changing your settings to changing how you use your iOS device throughout the day.

There are several easy ways to save battery on your iPhone, and that’s important because today’s phones can’t last multiple days on a single charge like they could a decade ago.

Turning on Dark Mode is easy: either open up the Control Center and long-press the brightness meter to reveal the Dark Mode button on the left, or navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness to turn it on manually.