Apple just bought a VR firm – here's what it could do with it

published 18.05.2020 13:29


So even if we don't get the full blown VR recorded drama and live 3D sports streaming from Apple in the future, it wouldn't be surprising if the company had plans to use the finer elements from these patents in an upcoming VR product.

Better pictures and stable image quality The above is pure speculation (and a little bit of wishful thinking) but it seems fairly likely that Apple will take advantage of NextVR's patented technology for upscaling video streams and stabilising VR experiences.

Related: Best VR headset 2020 However, given that it might be a while before fans are allowed to gather in crowds in a stadium – and a lot of us are desperate for that live experience – it makes sense for Apple to provide some kind of alternative in the form of a VR experience.

Related: Everything we know about the Apple VR headset NextVR relied on a stereoscopic 360° special camera rig to record live 3D events, so presumably Apple won't be able to retroactively turn its shows into VR experiences.