Terraria potions: how to make a crafting station

published 19.05.2020 19:26


How do you make a crafting station in Terraria and start brewing potions?

Potions in Terraria come in the form of healing or mana recovery, or they can grant special buffs such as decreasing enemy spawn rate or slowing falling speed, especially useful for taking on bosses.

There are a few different types of potions – food and drink, recovery, and buffs – which can usually be crafted, found in the world, or bought from an NPC.

Flasks are also a type of potion that provide battle effects, such as imbuing your weapon with fire or other elemental damage – these can only be created at an imbuing station.

When you start out in Terraria, having a couple of basic recovery potions is the best way to venture out further into the world, so first you’ll want to make a crafting station in Terraria.

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