Office Depot's New Tech Aims to Improve Customer Experience

published 19.05.2020 09:14

Image of article 'Office Depot's New Tech Aims to Improve Customer Experience'
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Stillman stressed that even though the devices have helped the company automate some of the functions that previously had been done manually, Office Depot has not reduced its store-level staffing, opting instead to have workers spend more time interacting with customers.

— Office Depot Additional functionality The device also includes applications that aren’t directly connected to product sales, such as skill training applications, and video messages from Kevin Moffitt, chief retail officer of Office Depot, that are designed to focus workers’ energy.

Jonas Stillman, director of store systems, Office Depot Technology Office Depot has incorporated new technology to generate ease in both the customer experience and the employees' jobs.

by Mark Hamstra from

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