Choosing the Right Disaster Recovery Strategy

published 19.05.2020 02:00

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When it comes to doing disaster recovery (DR) for your environment, there is no easy path forward.

As a leading provider of complex managed data center solutions for over 20 years, Navisite has learned from our extensive experience what DR solutions are the most appropriate tools to help meet each businesses’ unique infrastructure or application requirements.

Here are some things that we have learned over the years about doing DR: Understand your application requirements – When it comes to DR, there is generally a direct correlation between the performance of a particular tool or technology, and the price tag.

Make testing easy – Hopefully, you will never have to execute your DR plan in response to an actual event, but you will likely need to test it several times a year.

Cloud-based DR tools allow for test failovers that don’t impact product, but it’s good to include an alternate form of connectivity (such as a terminal server) for users to do application validation inside the recovery sandbox.