The indoor farming revolution begins now

published 19.05.2020 11:30


She’s hardly alone; garden centers and seed delivery services are reporting as much as 10 times more sales since the pandemic began.

And what do more people do when they’re spending more time at home?

Office workers are experiencing office life without the office; just last week, Twitter announced that most of its employees could work from home forever, while much of Manhattan is reportedly freaking out about what could happen to commercial real estate.

For all the pain, grief and economic hardship the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has sown, a handful of green shoots seem to have taken root in its blighted soil.

But now I see a future with no food deserts, in which every home is filled with rotating space-station-like hydroponics run by artificial intelligence — a cornucopia of push-button farming providing the side salad to your plant-based meat.

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