17 cell phone towers in New Zealand have been vandalized since the lockdown, coinciding with a boom in 5G conspiracy theories

published 19.05.2020 17:37


On Monday, New Zealand Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said anyone who set fire to a cell tower because of 5G conspiracy theories would be dealt with "very firmly," according to RNZ.

Cell phone towers across New Zealand are being set on fire and authorities believe the attacks are linked to the increasing proliferation of conspiracy theories connecting 5G networks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Experts connect the attacks to conspiracy theorists who tie the new 5G network to the coronavirus.

17 cell phone towers have been vandalized and set on fire across New Zealand.

In a piece this week for The Spinoff, New Zealand documentarian David Farrier wrote that the arson attacks were not an original idea: The first fire was lit in New Zealand a week after a cell tower was set fire to in Birmingham, England.

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