New leak reveals how Apple Tags could work

published 18.05.2020 22:11

Image of article 'New leak reveals how Apple Tags could work'

Additionally, information buried in iOS 14's Find My app shows audio files and haptic feedback for receiving special cues to help locate a missing devices, like "nearby" or "off course."

The really interesting stuff comes in the video and audio files found in the Find My app in iOS 14, which include a spinning 3D rainbow Apple Logo, plus a list of alerts that include haptic feedback.

For example, a customer could scan an in-store QR code for an Apple Watch and bring up different Apple Watch colors, bands, and models to compare what is offered without having to hold something in their hands.

For Gobi, the branded QR codes include a comparison shopping feature for Apple Stores that shows a 3D rendering of an Apple Watch that users can spin, showing how an AR experience could work in the store.