German movie lovers can now watch films out their windows

published 19.05.2020 08:00


Movie theaters, where you’re sitting right next to strangers and sharing the same air for several hours, will likely be one of the last social experiences to return after we emerge from lockdowns.

So, in February, Olaf Karkhoff launched Window Flicks, a venture that allows films to be projected onto residential building exteriors in Berlin for nearby dwellers to view from their apartments.

Anyone in Berlin can apply to have their community participate, as long as they live in an area where at least 20 residential units can have an unobstructed view of a large wall.

“People are really happy about it, because it’s really an experience to see a movie on a 30-to-50-meter-high wall.”

The movies (and popcorn) are free for residents, but they’re encouraged to make donations, which all go toward the German cinema industry.