Microsoft adds Edge features: Sidebar search, Pinterest tie-ins and more

published 19.05.2020 02:00


However, Microsoft in June will be launching a new add-ons site “to make it more visually appealing—new categories, new search capabilities, and a new layout will get those extensions in front of customers,” Kyle Pflug, principal program manager lead for Edge, wrote in a blog post.

Finally, Microsoft said that it’s adding a new “Work” tab to Bing’s search results, so if there is relevant information that your company can show you—such as your available vacation time while researching holiday destinations—it will.

Microsoft’s new Edge is taking a page from its online versions of Office and offering to open the search results in a sidebar instead.

Microsoft is unrolling some new features for its new Edge browser, including a contextual flyout that opens a sidebar when performing a search, the company said Tuesday.

“With the most recent versions of Microsoft Edge and Windows 10, we’re making PWAs feel even more natural and familiar alongside other Windows apps,” Pflug wrote.