Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave brings pure glory and frustration

published 18.05.2020 18:26


Ace fuses water with metal as the next hard breacher Source: Ubisoft The impending arrival of Steel Wave acquaints the fourth hard breacher with the Rainbow Six roster, once again changing the conversation between attackers and reinforced surfaces.

Melusi delivers a conflict of utility and frustration Source: Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege stresses the value of audio over any other shooter, and its latest defender Melusi leverages that soundscape down to the decibel.

Source: Windows Sonic Defense Primary T5 SMG Super Grenade Deployable Renown 600 R6 Credits The Banshee proves challenging to counter, in part due to the bulletproof casing, demanding the same explosives and heavy gadgets as Maestro's Evil Eye cameras.

Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave drops next month Operation Steel Wave marks the arrival of what looks to be two hugely influential Operators and much welcomed as the game coasts through its fifth year of post-launch support.

The breaching utility supplied by Ace proves a welcome change to the conventions of hard breaching, while Melusi brings an appealing new trap device, despite its frustrations.