Feeling COVID Anxiety? Try These Simple Strategies

published 18.05.2020 02:00

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I spend a lot of my time studying work, and a lot of people have come and said, “I had high hopes that at least I was going to be more productive during this time, but I feel like I get interrupted every three or four minutes, trying to juggle work and online schooling with my kids.”

Adam: Good question—I think we should probably plan a little bit less.

Sheryl and Adam recently sat down for a Facebook Live conversation about the surprising upside of guilt, and how we can all calm our anxious minds during the global pandemic.

Adam Grant is a world-renowned organizational psychologist, the top-rated professor at Wharton, a curator for the Next Big Idea Club, and the bestselling author of Originals, Give and Take, and Option B with Sheryl Sandberg.

Sheryl: “I know some people who are in good positions relatively speaking, but who are still struggling quite a bit with anxiety and isolation.