EasyJet hacked: 9m customers’ details stolen

published 19.05.2020 15:49

Image of article 'EasyJet hacked: 9m customers’ details stolen'

But now the company has suffered a huge cyberattack in which the email addresses and flight details of 9 million customers were put at risk.

EasyJet revealed the embarrassing breach on Tuesday 19 May and has contacted all customers whose card details were exposed.

If your card details are ever exposed in an online data breach, you should contact the card issuer and explain what’s happened.

Tim Sadler, CEO of Tessian said, “EasyJet customers are now at greater risk of phishing scams following this cyberattack, and people need to be wary of emails they receive purporting to come from the airline company.

David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky, said, “This breach affects a large number of people and, while it’s good to see that customer passwords have not been compromised, the data that has been stolen – including e-mail addresses, credit card details and customer travel details – will offer plenty of grist to the cybercriminals’ mill.