Real-Time Rendering Of Transparent Rockets Blasting Off Into Space

added 19.05.2020 05:15

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This is a video created by Youtuber Hazegrayart imagining if the Saturn V, Space Shuttle, Falcon Heavy and the Space Launch System (SLS) rockets were transparent so you could see the fuel while they blast off into space in real time from Kennedy Space Center.

In the video, the fuel is color coded with red = kerosene RP-1, Orange = liquid hydrogen LH2, and blue = liquid oxygen LOX.

The only fuel I need to keep me reaching for the stars all morning long?

Keep going for the whole video while I pour a little liquor out for Space Bat -- gone, but never forgotten.

Thanks to JD, who agrees this is a pretty convincing coverup for the actual magic that's used to send rockets into space.

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