Huawei says ‘survival’ at stake after US chip restrictions

added 19.05.2020 02:00


US officials said Huawei had been circumventing sanctions by obtaining chips and components that are produced around the world based on American technology.

But the Huawei statement said the US decision “will have a serious impact on a wide number of global industries” by creating uncertainty in the chip sector and technology supply chains.

The Commerce Department said on Friday it was tightening sanctions on Huawei — seen by Washington as a security risk — to include denying it access to semiconductor designs developed using US software and technology.

SHENZHEN, China — Huawei on Monday assailed the latest US move to cut it off from semiconductor suppliers as a “pernicious” attack that will put the Chinese technology giant in “survival” mode and sow chaos in the global technology sector.

US officials accuse Huawei, the world’s biggest supplier of telecom network equipment and number two smartphone manufacturer, of stealing American trade secrets and say it could allow Beijing to spy on global telecoms traffic.