iOS 14 may have a new AR app that can read Apple-branded QR codes

published 18.05.2020 17:04


Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 could have a new augmented reality app that can read Apple-branded QR codes and might have new features baked into the Find My app, according iOS 14 files obtained by former TechCrunch reporter Josh Constine.

That new AR app, called Gobi in these files, could be able to read both more traditional-looking QR codes and an interesting new circular design for QR codes, reports Constine.

Constine also shared images of what those QR codes may look like: Image: Josh Constine “Files in Gobi included QRs that opened the Mac Pro and Apple Watch websites, the Star Wars: Rogue One movie in the iTunes Store, and one that opens the Starbucks Card sign-up flow,” says Constine.

Code in the files also apparently suggests the Gobi app could use location data to let customers claim discounts at certain Starbucks stores.

The Find My app may also get new sound and vibration cues to help you more easily find your devices while using the app, reports Constine.