Rainbow Six Siege new Ping and Match Replay systems delayed by pandemic

published 18.05.2020 20:30


The Replay mode records player match history, making it easy to relive past gameplay moments through a new lens.

Hands-on: Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave brings pure glory and frustration Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Ping 2.0 system will allow players to mark specific gadgets on the heads-up display.

That includes the promised Match Replay system, allowing players to revisit past matches from various perspectives, and the new contextual "Ping 2.0" system.

Rainbow Six Siege game director, Leroy Athanassof, opened its Steel Wave reveal stream with an update on development timelines, stating two future core gameplay features have suffered delays.

The new Ping 2.0 feature provides a more immediate gameplay impact, allowing players to mark gadgets and provided more contextual pointers, similar to the much-praised system in Apex Legends.