Surveillance drones operating autonomously take to the sky in police trial

published 18.05.2020 11:24


The drone operator can then focus on the mission at hand, such as observing videos that are streamed in real time to the command centre and tablet devices.

Senior Engineer Low Hsien Meng from the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) Robotics, Automation and Unmanned Systems (Raus) Centre of Expertise said: "Unlike a conventional drone, where you need a pilot on site to insert the battery and prepare the aircraft, with a drone box concept, all these preparatory activities are actually automated by the system inside the drone box."

Details of its operations, such as flight paths, can be configured and monitored remotely by an operator in an off-site command centre so no pilot has to be on site as is usual with drones.

The box's robotic automation system ensures that the 10 batteries are fully charged and ready to be installed, and also equips the drone with tools such as cameras before it is launched.

Police have been deploying conventional drones to complement ground operations for some time, such as for crowd control and surveillance during the 2020 countdown festivities at Marina Bay.