An Experimental Vaccine for Covid-19 Shows Early Promise in Human Trial

published 18.05.2020 13:50


On Monday, biotech company Moderna announced its incomplete findings from a Phase 1 clinical trial of the vaccine candidate, called mRNA-1273.

According to the company, three people who took the highest dose of the vaccine experienced a grade 3 adverse event after the second dose, while one person in the 100-milligram group experienced grade 3 redness around the injection site.

In the 25-milligram group, two weeks after the second dose, all of the volunteers appeared to show levels of binding antibodies similar to those seen in plasma donated from recovered covid-19 patients.

While this is the first research released from a human trial of a potential covid-19 vaccine, Moderna’s data has yet to be independently verified and isn’t complete.

According to the company, preparations are now underway for larger, Phase 2 trials of the vaccine, which will involve people taking a 50- or 100-milligram dose.