Apple Is Reopening 25 Stores in the U.S.—With Some New Rules

published 18.05.2020 14:00


While O’Brien’s post doesn’t specifically state which of its North American locations will reopen, Bloomberg reports Apple will reopen more than 25 stores this week in the U.S. and 12 Canada, starting with stores in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Washington state.

Apple says it devised this plan by analyzing recent data and reports about covid-19, and using experience gleaned from international Apple stores in China and other countries, which in some places have been open for months after being initially shuttered in early February.

But perhaps the biggest change is that Apple will require all customers and employees to wear some sort of face covering before entering an Apple store.

After closing all of its U.S. retail stores on March 13 due to covid-19, Apple will begin reopening Apple stores in North America this week, starting with four dozen locations in the U.S. in Canada.

O’Brien cautions that just because a store has reopened, that doesn’t preclude Apple from closing it again if needed based on local conditions or a nearby flare-up of covid-19 cases.