Hot take: Poco F2 Pro

published 18.05.2020 06:14


However, since the actual K phone isn't available outside China it makes virtually no difference to most people that the new Poco is merely a rebranded Redmi phone, instead of a unique design.

At the end the company decided to give people what they want and decided to market the K30 Pro outside of China as the Poco F2 Pro.

Despite never saying anything official about it Xiaomi had basically scrapped the whole Poco sub-brand and decided to focus on the Redmi K line as its budget offer with flagship chipset.

The starting price of a Poco F2 Pro is $500/€500 for a phone with 6 GB RAM and 128 gigs of storage, the 8/256 GB is €600 - way lower than the other non-Pro/Plus phones.

In fact the following was so loyal that people kept asking about a Poco F2 long after it became evident that Xiaomi has abandoned the lineup in favor of the Redmi K-line.