Use this free tool to spot fake Twitter posts & accounts

published 18.05.2020 12:50

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Right now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic there has been plenty of disinformation spread - not least about how it’s caused by 5G masts - but at least on Twitter now you can get a heads up when you might be seeing a tweet or reply from a bot.

Norton has released a free tool called BotSight which will annotate your Twitter feed showing the likelihood that a particular tweet is by a real person or auto-generated by a ‘bot’.

It uses around 20 different signals to determine whether a human or bot posted something and these include the ‘randomness’ of the Twitter handle, whether the account is verified or not, how quickly it is gaining followers, and the account description.

If the tool thinks the account is human and the score is over 90%, you can be pretty certain that it isn’t a bot.

Overall Norton reckons bots account for about 5 percent of all tweets, and that number is in decline.

by Jim Martin from
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