Facebook Introduces Next-Gen Cooper Lake Intel Xeon Platforms

published 17.05.2020 17:30

Image of article 'Facebook Introduces Next-Gen Cooper Lake Intel Xeon Platforms'
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This the internal view of Facebook’s next-generation 2-socket platform called “Sonora Pass”: One of the strange bits from the OCP Summit 2020 is that it looks like Intel was trying to censor the fact that Cooper Lake Xeons in this generation have 6 memory channels.

This bfloat16 support is perhaps the killer feature of the new Cooper Lake platforms and is something that we expect to see more in future CPUs.

For those who are unaware Facebook is expected to be a major Cooper Lake customer (if not the largest) and driving force behind the platform.

Recently, Facebook introduced us to its next-gen Cooper Lake Xeon Platform.

While dual-socket servers are interesting, Facebook is using Cooper Lake somewhere else that may impact Intel Xeon D sales.

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