Google Search Trends Underscore A Cheating Problem As AP Exams Go Online Due To COVID-19

published 17.05.2020 14:47


Trevor Packer, the Senior Vice President of AP and Instruction, recently tweeted that the College Board had cancelled the exams of a group of students who were intending to cheat.

The Philadelphia Public School Notebook examined recent Google search trends and noted that searches for certain terms related to the various AP exams spiked at the time they were given.

In addition, high AP scores can also help a student’s chances of getting into their desired college.AP exams are administered once a year in the middle of May.

Unfortunately, Google search trends and reports by the College Board indicate that some students may have resorted to cheating on their AP exams.AP exams are standardized tests that are used to determine whether a student has “mastered the content and skills of a specific AP course.”