Youth in global crises, address in COMSATS webinar

published 17.05.2020 23:53


Youth can play an effective role in finding innovative solutions to increasing global threats such as corona pandemic”.

In his opening remarks on the occasion, COMSATS Executive Director Dr. S M Junaid Zaidi offered COMSATS as a valuable platform for youth to come together and enforce faculties to play their due role for the solution of global challenges, having one of the current pandemic.

Moderated by a Kenyan youth leader, Vice Chairperson for Policy and Advocacy at Commonwealth Youth Council Nafula Wafula, the event served the international youth with an effective platform to share their ideas and resolve to survive during current global challenges.

Role and Challenges of Youth in global crises during COVID-19″, addresses in a webinar arranged by COMSATS University to estimate youth’s potential to deal with current coronavirus pandemic and other global threats and challenges to sustainability, such as climate change.

The coordinator of this activity, COMSATS Assistant Director (Programmes) Engr Qaiser Nawab highlighted the role of youth in bringing essential changes in the society if they were empowered by necessary resources and opportunities.

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