Sony Sees Games, Electronics Revenue Slump, Warns of Tough Year

added 18.05.2020 04:55

Image of article 'Sony Sees Games, Electronics Revenue Slump, Warns of Tough Year'

And while demand for image sensors was strong, the virus affected the firm's production as well as sales of its image sensors for smartphones manufactured by other companies in China.

It suffered "significant decreases" in sales of electronics products as well as in games and network businesses despite robust demand for image sensors used in cellphone cameras.

While demand for games downloads grew during the global pandemic lockdown, it wasn't enough to offset negatives caused by the international crisis, including a slump in manufacturing, music events cancellations and movie theatre shutdowns.

Sony said on Wednesday its annual net profit tumbled 36.5 percent on lower revenue from games and electronics products, and warned of a tough year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"The outbreak hit hard sales of its electronics products and theatre movies, while affecting production lines," he told AFP before the earnings release.

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