Facebook buys animated graphics startup GIPHY

added 18.05.2020 01:35


Facebook said Friday it had acquired the animated graphics startup GIPHY and would integrate the company in its Instagram visual social network.

“GIPHY, a leader in visual expression and creation, is joining the Facebook company today as part of the Instagram team,” Facebook said in a statement.

“GIPHY makes everyday conversations more entertaining, and so we plan to further integrate their GIF library into Instagram and our other apps so that people can find just the right way to express themselves.”

“That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that GIPHY has been acquired by Facebook and is joining the team at Instagram.

We see the positivity in how people use GIPHY in our products today, and we know that bringing the GIPHY team’s creativity and talent together with ours will only accelerate how people use visual communication to connect with each other.”

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