This Video Series Is the Best Possible Introduction to Understanding Twin Peaks

published 17.05.2020 16:45


I especially like this series because, while it offers interpretations, it never goes into the overly simplistic literalist fandom readings that are so common on YouTube and so hopelessly boring, particularly when applied to weird, dreamlike material like the better parts of Twin Peaks.

This video series convinced me that Twin Peaks was made for me, and pushed me to watch it all the way through.

Confession: This video series is what got me into Twin Peaks, and from there into David Lynch more generally.

In particular, he’s the creator of the hypnotic, lengthy, and informative “Journey Through Twin Peaks” series, which sets itself up as a guide into the world of Twin Peaks, from one element to the next.

Almost as dreamy and entrancing as Twin Peaks itself, but a lot more bite-sized, “Journey Through Twin Peaks” is one of my favorite things to throw on on YouTube when I just need something playing.