Check Out These Rad Covid-19 Posters from the National Park Service

published 17.05.2020 16:40


We’re talking about the marvelous new social distancing posters being rolled out by the National Park Service (NPS).

The posters have an important mission: promote social distancing in parks during the covid-19 pandemic, reduce the spread of disease in parks, and promote virtual opportunities and experiences at parks.

Apart from being very pretty and colorful, the NPS posters are full of good advice for people looking to visit parks.

On April 25, Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, head of the NPS’ parent agency, said that the Department of the Interior and the NPS were working to reopen national parks as quickly as possible in accordance with the Trump administration’s guidelines to open up the country.

Some NPS employees on the front lines have disagreed with the agency’s decision to leave some parks open, saying that it was irresponsible because it helped propagate the spread of the virus.