Test-drive Star Citizen’s ships in a free trial event this week

added 17.05.2020 22:00

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From Friday, May 22nd ’til June 1st, interstellar sandbox and crowdfunding purgatory Star Citizen is doing another free fly week – letting you get behind the controls of Star Citizen’s roster of big expensive computer spaceships as part of the in-universe Invictus Launch Week festival.

It’s Invictus Launch week in Star Citizen next Friday, which means it’s time for airshows, massive parties, and free access to a selection from Star Citizen’s big space garage.

Manage cookie settings As outlined in the Invictus Launch Week guide, the free fly event will let you try out a range of ships, with different models and manufacturers rotating in and out every few days.

Oh, the free fly event?

It’s no Bernband (as Alice O assured in SC’s last free fly event), but it’ll do fine enough.