Architektur3 adds triangular timber tower to Black Forest church

published 17.05.2020 13:00


"When determining the height of the tower, it was important to find a balanced proportion to the church stock and at the same time to be able to look out over the church roof into the valleys from the viewing platform," said Wehrle.

"In addition, the new church tower marks the intersection of three Black Forest valleys, gives the church more visibility and brings a new function with the viewing platform."

Architektur3 designed the tower's plan based upon an equilateral triangle to signify both its location – at the meeting point of three valleys within the Black Forest – and the holy trinity.

"The triangular ground plan of the tower is inspired by the design of the modern church tent, and closes off its structure on the west side," explained Architektur3 founder Klaus Wehrle.

German studio Architektur3 has added a triangular tower and public viewpoint to the St Georg church in Bleibach, situated at the intersection of three valleys within the Black Forest.