China looks to retaliate against U.S. over ‘unreasonable suppression’ of Huawei

published 17.05.2020 17:04

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The U.S. has banned government officials from using the company’s products specifically, the phonemaker implements backdoors in its technology in order for the Chinese government to spy.

President Donald Trump’s ongoing trade war with China was officially extended on Wednesday, when Trump he was invoking the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to bar U.S. companies from using certain products.

The source, who is described as close to China’s government, the Global Times that China was planning countermeasures, such as “imposing restrictions” against U.S. companies like Apple, Cisco, and Qualcomm.

On Saturday, China’s foreign ministry called on the U.S. to stop its “unreasonable suppression” of Huawei and other Chinese companies.

Trump had also Huawei to the Entity List, prohibiting the company from buying products from U.S. companies with government approval.

by Matt Binder from

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