How Do We End The Covid-19 Crisis? A Few Thoughts

published 17.05.2020 14:00

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So, the answer may be in deciphering scale and preparing for future scaling (ability to produce tests, PPE, vaccines, education, compliance, number of trained Covid-19-sniffing dogs, etc.).

The real issue in defeating Covid-19 may in fact be scale — scale of testing, scale of production (masks, food, testing, drugs, vaccines), scale of ideas, scale of funding, scale of researchers in this field, scale of exponential growth.

On the other hand, virus deniers and apologists want to infect everyone, with various rationalizations, or are claiming that specific measures that are popularly used but imperfect are all that’s needed (armchair epidemiology).

After SARS and MERS, funding dried up on coronavirus research, a vaccine for many possible coronaviruses was possible but never pursued, Bill Gates warned of future pandemics happening, and we of course put the 1918 Spanish Flu memories long behind us.

Let’s try to look at the real issues at hand and figure out realistic solutions instead of going in circles with people whose goal is sealioning and wearing us down with their nonsense, gumming up productive discourse instead of addressing the real problems and successfully defeating Covid-19.

by Barry A.F. from
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