XDC2020 Call For Proposals - X.Org Developers For Now Still Planning To Meet In Poland

added 17.05.2020 13:23


Those interested in presenting at XDC2020 can now submit their talk proposals for consideration.Details on submitting a talk and registering for the event can be found via this mailing list post as well as the event site at xdc2020.x.org

In any case, whether it be a physical or virtual event, the Call for Proposals "CFP" for XDC2020 is now out there.

The event organizers are expected to decide by July about the prospects of the September event if it will go virtual, continue as planned, or be postponed to a later date.

They are not ruling out though the possibility of having to shift it to an online event or a hybrid physical/virtual event depending upon how the COVID-19 situation plays out in the months ahead.