NVIDIA DGX-A100 with eight "Ampere" Tesla A100 detailed

added 17.05.2020 11:32

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In NVIDIA’s own numbers, each of the Teslas offers 20x more peak performance than Volta-based DGX systems.

The DGX A100 system features eight Tesla A100 accelerations, offering up to 5 petaflops of performance.

In terms of high-performance computing (double precision operations) NVIDIA says that the GPU will be 2.5 faster.

NVIDIA claims that the GPU will be 20x more powerful than Volta GPU in AI-training (single-precision operations) and AI interference (8-bit integer operations).

NVIDIA also confirmed that the DGX A100 systems are already in operation in the US Department of Energy (Aragone National laboratory), where they are used to fight Covid-19.

by Tesla A100 from videocardz.com
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