Iran's F-7 Fighter Is A Copy of a J-7 Fighter from China (That Copies a MiG-21

published 01.04.2020 11:04

by Caleb Larson from

Compounding the problem is the excessively high number of flight hours that Iranian airframes likely have on them, given their old age — some of the airframes are likely from the late 1960s or even earlier.

Spare parts are hard to come by, though domestic production has attempted to fill this hole, although Iran’s true manufacturing capabilities, particularly for higher-end aircraft and tank components are likely seriously inadequate, or essentially rebranding, repainting or rebadging of other countries vintage technology.

Chinese state media quoted an Iranian Air Force public relations official by saying that the crash was due to “Technical deficits.”

It made a slight blip in the headlines in 2018, when one of Iran’s F-7 training airframes crash-landed in the “near the city of Hassanabad in Jarqavieh Olya district, Isfahan province.”

Iran’s motley fleet of airframes includes a wide variety of antiquated aircraft, including American F-14 Tomcats, McDonell Douglas F-4 Phantom II (that have apparently seen combat in Syrian), as well as Northrop F-5 light attack jets.