Entrepreneurs teach business and the arts

added 31.03.2020 19:44

by Erin Crooks from eaglefeathernews.com
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Kimberly Parent of Saskatoon Salsa and Christine Marie of Awasis Boutique have joined forces to create “ayishiinoo” - a Michif word meaning Indigenous - to mentor and inspire other entrepreneurs in the Indigenous community.

So, I offer dance workshops and Christine offers sewing and fashion workshops,” Parent said.

They also offer fun workshops incorporating business with dance and sewing workshops.

They want to get out into communities and share their knowledge and enthusiasm to help others turn interests and passions into businesses.

“When you grow up not seeing people that look like you being role models, when someone asked me who my role models were, I had to stop and think and I didn’t know,” said Christine, adding that it’s important to create opportunities for the younger generation to have those Indigenous female role models.