Google Chrome: Why you might have to wait even longer for these new features

published 26.03.2020 07:30

by Joseph Carey from

Google's director of technical program management, Jason Kersey, explained the tech company had to decided to skip the release of Chrome version 82 to "keep users safe and focus all efforts on maintaining stability".

Initially, this suggested Google would continue with new Chrome releases in numerical order ready to roll out when society returned to some form of normality.

As much of the world works from home amid the pandemic, Google announced plans to pause future releases of Chrome and Chrome OS to ensure stability through the unprecedented circumstances.

Google decided to ditch version 82 of its popular Chrome browser entirely as adapts its release schedule in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Google Chrome 81 will introduce a host of new improvements to the browser, such as support for Near Field Communications (NFC) on mobile, improved support for augmented reality (AR) and a few other features worth shouting about.