Working from home and using Zoom? Tips and tricks for better video meetings

published 26.03.2020 17:17

by Tech Desk from

The video conferencing platform has always been popular but in these unprecedented times, Zoom has become an essential video conferencing tool for big and small enterprises.

Before Razr, Motorola was testing tablet-style foldable phone design Zoom is fairly easy to use and the platform works across smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Since the Zoom video conferencing platform works across many devices, invitees can attend a video or audio call on a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Click here to join our channel (@expresstechnology) and stay updated with the latest tech news Tips for using Zoom Audio test One nifty feature that can be accessed from the desktop app is the ability to do an audio test.

Record your meetings The good thing about using the zoom software is the ability to record your meetings.