Game Devs, The World Needs You Right Now

added 26.03.2020 11:16

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(Seriously, don’t invite people over for game night now.

As we’re paralyzed by fear and uncertainty with this backdrop of long-term isolation, games are still bringing people together even if people physically can’t get together in living rooms and conventions.

It’s ironic: before all this happened, I actually had a draft for a future Gamasutra piece or perhaps a Medium story about how players and devs alike speak of the fantastical dreams games put in them, but that we don’t talk enough about the totally banal fantasies games can fulfill.

But game devs are needed for a deeper reason: unlike catching up books and Netflix, games are providing people with a feeling that they have control and agency in a situation where we largely lack those things.

Personally, I’m opting for “the show must go on” since my game is all about changing lives in a changing city, with conversation among friends and co-workers driving much of the action.