How an Alternative Data API Can Be Used To Improve Predictive Analysis

published 14.01.2020 14:30

Image of article 'How an Alternative Data API Can Be Used To Improve Predictive Analysis'

As a part of ProgrammableWeb's ongoing series of on-demand re-broadcasts of presentations that were given at the monthly Washington, DC-Area API meetup (anyone can attend), this article offers a recording and full transcript of the discussion given by Accrue Ltd. founder and CEO Benoît Brookens who is based in Hong Kong.

He then began to plug the details of those events into a calendar in a way that he could look at the sudden rise of a stock and correlate that rise to the other events that happened on the same day (or the days just preceding).

For instance, it's like a farmer using social media data to understand the impact of avocado prices, or looking at shipping information in order to anticipate demand or supplies of competing products in the market from a foreign place.

I'm in Hong Kong by the way, so 100% of the time over the past five years, these two stocks are reacting.

We're building a way for someone to take that unstructured data, turn it into something simple that's never been innovated on, which is a calendar.

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