Marlborough company to shoot whales 'by the book' with drone permit

added 14.01.2020 21:18

Image of article 'Marlborough company to shoot whales 'by the book' with drone permit'

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The Department of Conservation has granted the permit to Marlborough company GCH UAV, allowing them to fly drones to within 20 metres of whales, dolphins and seals.

The first South Island permit to use a drone to film marine mammals up close has been granted.

Colin Aitchison, of GCH UAV, can shoot footage of humpback whales from his drone after obtaining a permit from the Department of Conservation.

Do not fly closer than 150 metres from a marine mammal - Do not disturb or harass any marine mammal with your drone; e.g. don't chase, herd or scatter them - Do not make any sudden or repeated change in speed or direction - Do not make any loud or disturbing noises near marine mammals - Abandon contact at the first sign of any marine mammal being disturbed

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