Google tests biometric authentication for Android autofill

published 14.01.2020 12:31

Image of article 'Google tests biometric authentication for Android autofill'

The problem with autofill when using Google’s own password manager was that it doesn’t ask for any extra authorisation.

You could use it to take autofill input from third-party password managers, or if you wanted to keep everything in your Google account, you could use autofill with Google’s own password management service.

In the bad old days, using a password manager like 1Password or Dashlane on an Android device was difficult, because there was no built-in support that connected them to other apps and websites so that they could automatically fill in your credentials for you.

Google is testing out a feature to make Android’s built-in password manager safer, according to online sleuths who have picked apart its software.

The company is apparently looking at introducing biometric authentication for autofill, meaning that people will have to prove their identity before autofilling credentials from Google’s password manager.

by Danny Bradbury from

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