Minecraft Nether update: mobs, biomes, and everything we know

published 14.01.2020 17:35

Image of article 'Minecraft Nether update: mobs, biomes, and everything we know'

The Minecraft nether update will introduce a new block called Target Block and you guessed it – it looks exactly like a target, on all sides.

The upcoming Minecraft Nether update adds a bunch of additions to the hostile environment (ironically, most of them hostile), so if it wasn’t worth a visit before, then check out all the new extras coming to the underworld when the Minecraft Nether update release date rolls around.

Piglins are coming to the Nether as new Minecraft mobs.

The Minecraft Nether update comes with another brand new mob in the form of the Piglin Beast.

There you have it, everything we know about the upcoming Minecraft Nether update from new biomes to new Minecraft blocks.

by Gina Lees from pcgamesn.com

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