Michigan State Police to investigate breathalyzer supplier

added 14.01.2020 17:16

“Authorities will keep using the devices, but Michigan State Police, not the vendor, will calibrate them,” Shaw said.

During the period the instruments are out of service, state police officials are recommending police department conduct blood draws rather than breathe tests to establish evidence of drunk driving.

State police officials last week suspended the contract with St. Louis-based Intoximeters Inc., supplier of the Datamaster DMT breath alcohol testing devices amid concerns the results could be flawed.

DETROIT (AP) - Michigan State Police has launched a fraud investigation into the company that supplies the state’s breathalyzer devices after evidence indicated the company falsified records and misrepresented the devices’ accuracy, state officials announced Monday.

Maj. Greg Zarotney of the Michigan State Police Office of Professional Development wrote in the letter that prosecutors with any cases that could have been impacted by the company’s errors have already been notified and if any additional errors are found, a report will be immediately forwarded to the affected prosecutor.