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For Honor made all of its fighters into smol beans for April 1

The best gaming April Fools jokes remain those where an online game does something absolutely ridiculous for 24 hours.

Every player fighter in Ubisoft’s not-actually-historical brawl is now tiny.

Sure, the pun game may leave a bit to be desired, but For Honor’s subreddit is now filled with delightful clips and screenshots of tiny fighters doing very silly things.

Others are marveling at the animation glitches that are letting fighters do wildly inappropriate things to each other.

Check out out some other multiplayer games, if you need to be regular size for the rest of the day.

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Image of article 'iOS 13.4 Downgrade To iOS 13.3.1 No Longer Possible, Here's Why'

iOS 13.4 Downgrade To iOS 13.3.1 No Longer Possible, Here's Why

Thanks to Apple’s internal decision to stop digitally signing iOS 13.3.1 – and iOS 12.4.5 and tvOS 13.3.1 for that matter – users aren’t able to use the latest version of iTunes or Finder on macOS Catalina to downgrade from iOS 13.4 to iOS 13.3.1 in search of a jailbreak.

For those who are on iOS 13.3.1, the current version of the checkra1n jailbreak would have managed to do exactly that and get that device liberated from Apple’s walled garden.

Especially for those device owners who are heavily involved in the world of jailbreaking and always want the ability to get to a jailbreakable firmware version, such as iOS 13.3.1.

Apple has officially prevented jailbreak-eager iPhone owners from downgrading its firmware to version 13.3.1 on compatible devices.

But, of course, there is likely an element of Apple playing cat and mouse with the jailbreak community and shutting off access to a version of its firmware that it knows can still be jailbroken using the checkm8-based checkra1n.

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Image of article 'Coronavirus in Europe: Europe coronavirus death toll tops 30,000       |       World News'

Coronavirus in Europe: Europe coronavirus death toll tops 30,000 | World News

PARIS: The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 30,000 people in Europe, more than three-quarters of the deaths registered in Italy and Spain , according to an AFP tally on Wednesday using official figures .

A total of 30,063 deaths have been recorded in Europe out of 458,601 cases , making it the continent hit hardest by Covid-19.

The most deaths were recorded in Italy, with 12,428 fatalities, followed by Spain with 8,189 and France with 3,523.

The latest European figures come just a few hours after the United States announced its death toll had risen to 4,076, according to a running tally by Johns Hopkins University That is more than twice the 2,010 recorded late Saturday and higher than the death toll in China, where the disease first emerged late last year.The global death toll passed 40,000 on Tuesday.

Image of article 'You Can Play Candy Crush Saga With Unlimited Lives Till April 5'

You Can Play Candy Crush Saga With Unlimited Lives Till April 5

The Twitter post from Candy Crush Saga reads: “We've partnered with @WHO to encourage our players to #PlayApartTogether.

Both Android and iOS users can enjoy unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga right now.

This ‘unlimited lives' system is also available for most of the other games by developer King.

Candy Crush Saga, one of the most popular mobile puzzle games, has added unlimited lives for players till April 5 as part of the #PlayApartTogether initiative.

According to a report by The Verge, the other IPs that are part of this initiative are Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Friends Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, and Farm Heroes Saga.

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How to use Amazon Prime Video to watch TV shows and movies

You'll have the option of downloading content via Wi-Fi to watch offline, which can be key for long plane, train, or car rides.On a TV: There are several ways to watch Prime Video on your television, and it all depends on whether you're using a smart TV or using an external streaming device (like Roku, a Fire TV Stick, or a game console).

You can pause at any point and come back to the same spot, so if life gets in the way of your binging habit, you won't lose all your progress.On your phone or tablet: Whether you're an iPhone or an Android user, you'll want to download the Amazon Prime Video app in order to download and stream films and television content right onto your phone (the same goes for Apple or Android tablets).

Head over to Prime Video.To start using Prime video you can simply head over to the Prime Video homepage, where you'll be able to see all movies, TV shows, and other content that is included with your subscription.

Amazon Amazon has already made reading, shopping, music listening, and just about everything else easier, and now, it's improving upon your movie and TV watching experience, too.Prime Video gets you access not only to some of your favorite classic movies and TV shows, but also popular original content like "The Man in the High Castle" and "Transparent.

You'll want to find the Amazon Prime Video app on either your smart TV or your streaming device and then log into your account.

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Image of article 'How to use Microsoft Power Automate to create simple email notifications'

How to use Microsoft Power Automate to create simple email notifications

SEE: How to work from home: IT pro's guidebook to telecommuting and remote work (TechRepublic Premium) Create simple notifications with Microsoft Power Automate For the record, Power Automate is the rebranded name for Microsoft Flow.

This how-to tutorial shows you how to create and run an automated notification task using Microsoft Power Automate.

For users of Windows 10 or Office 365, simple automation can best be achieved with an online workflow service known as Microsoft Power Automate.

Simple automation in Windows 10 and Office 365 can be achieved with an online workflow service known as Microsoft Power Automate.

When you log in, you will see an extensive list of templates you can use to automate common tasks involving Windows 10 and Office 365 applications and features, as shown in Figure A. Figure A As an example, we will create an automated notification to alert us with an email when a certain item is available on Amazon.

Image of article 'Borderlands 3 devs accuse Gearbox of skimping on bonuses       -       report'

Borderlands 3 devs accuse Gearbox of skimping on bonuses - report

Gearbox went on to say an update was provided to the employees that participate in the royalty bonus “to set expectations for the coming quarters.”

Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter “In the most recent pay period Gearbox talent enjoyed news that Borderlands 3, having earned revenue exceeding the largest investment ever made by the company into a single video game, had officially become a profitable video game and the talent at Gearbox that participates in the royalty bonus system has now earned their first royalty bonus on that profit,” reads the statement.

When asked for comment, Gearbox told Kotaku it offers one of the most “generous royalty bonus systems in AAA,” and since the royalty system was implemented employees have “earned over $100 million in royalty bonuses above and beyond traditional compensation.”

However, in a meeting led by company boss Randy Pitchford, employees found out the bonuses would be lower than expected due to expenses incurred with the game.

A report on Kotaku states Gearbox Software employees aren’t getting as large of a bonus as promised, despite Borderlands 3’s success.

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Image of article 'Growth in global IT spending may fall by 2020-end but presents opportunities: IDC'

Growth in global IT spending may fall by 2020-end but presents opportunities: IDC

New Delhi: Growth in global IT spending is expected to reduce by 3-4 per cent by the end of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it also presents an opportunity to IT vendors to step-up as consulting partners for their clients, research firm IDC said on Wednesday.

It has also given an opportunity for IT vendors to test some concepts of 'Future of Work' and some of them might become mainstream as the dust settles, IDC noted.

It also provides an opportunity to IT vendors to step-up as consulting partners to hand-hold their clients in helping them sail through the crisis, it added.

On the other hand, it has provided an opportunity to IT vendors to test their resilience on business continuity, remote connectivity, and security as they look at innovative ways to service their clients.

IDC expects the adoption of collaborative applications growing at a rapid pace after the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Oracle Ships Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6 - Based On Linux 5.4 + DTrace Over BPF, Etc

Meanwhile they also still control the upstream ZFS file-system but do not offer ZFS as part of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.More details on the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6 release via the Oracle Linux blog with UEK R6 having just been announced a few minutes ago.

Oracle originally employed Chris Mason when he was bringing up the Btrfs file-system and while upstream RHEL and others have abandoned their Btrfs ambitions, Oracle is continuing to support it in UEK R6 and also making it an install option for Oracle Linux 8.

Oracle is also promoting Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 6 as having better 64-bit Arm (AArch64) support, Cgroups v2 is more mature, KTask for parallelizing CPU-intensive work, parallelizing KSwapd, Kexec firmware signing, better memory management, the latest DTrace support and now implemented using BPF, support for the OCFS2 file-system, and Btrfs support.Interestingly Btrfs support is advertised at this stage for UEK.

That big version jump alone is significant with all of the new upstream features introduced since Linux 4.14's debut in November 2017.

Oracle has announced their newest major release of their " Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel " that they continue spinning as an option for users of Oracle Linux and being the default within the Oracle Cloud.Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 6 shifts their code-base from tracking the Linux 4.14 LTS kernel to now being on the Linux 5.4 LTS branch.

Image of article 'The Valkyrie Profile -inspired design of Indivisible'

The Valkyrie Profile -inspired design of Indivisible

Zaimont describes character attacks the same way one would describe fighting game attacks, with phrases like "neutral attack, down attack, and guard break" peppered into the conversation.

It's a head-spinningly large design space, but Zaimont said it began to make sense after Lab Zero Games released a public demo to support the game's Indiegogo campaign.

Instead of that turn-based system, in Indivisible, players string together combos using an array of 20 different characters, mixing fighting game logic with Final Fantasy's Active Time Battle system.

To understand the design challenges of Indivisible, it helps to understand the game's fundamental conceit--Zaimont describes it as "what I thought Valkyrie Profile was going to be when I looked at this box before I played it."

Zaimont described the game's meter management system as being inspired by the Guilty Gear series, and much like Guilty Gear, the game tries to reward players with an energy bar that builds into super moves based on what skills the player is good at.

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Image of article 'Nigeria Becomes Eighth African Nation to Welcome Bitcoin ATMs'

Nigeria Becomes Eighth African Nation to Welcome Bitcoin ATMs

Coinstale’s terminal is only the second Bitcoin ATM in West Africa.

With Nigeria comprising Africa’s largest economy and population, the country’s first Bitcoin ATM may be a signpost for broader adoption across the continent.

Nigeria welcomes Africa’s 15th Bitcoin ATM Despite being home to the largest trade volume in Africa, Nigeria is the eighth country in the continent to host a Bitcoin ATM — with Blockstale’s comprising the 15th in Africa.

Africa’s largest country has welcomed its first Bitcoin ATM.

Nigerian ‘Bitcoin’ searches top Google Trends Nigeria also consistently tops Google searches for ‘Bitcoin’ — driving nearly twice the traffic as the second-ranked country, Austria, according to Google Trends.

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Image of article 'QR Codes       -       Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide'

QR Codes - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

This Animal Crossing QR Codes guide explains how to download QR codes to get custom designs in ACNH.

You can use the real-world Nintendo Switch Online App to import old custom designs from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and anywhere you can find on the web!

You can make your own QR codes by uploading real images using sites like

There are also Creator Codes and Design IDs you can download from the Able Sisters Kiosk once the shop is unlocked!

For more info (and some recommended designs) check out our page on Custom Designs - Cool Creator IDs and Design IDs

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Image of article 'Best Games to Play on Google Assistant'

Best Games to Play on Google Assistant

In truth, there isn't a lot of game to this game, but after answering three simple questions Google will say some lovely things about you, and might just give you that little pick-up you need when you're feeling lonely.

Google Assistant's own game show is a quiz game you can play with up to four other members of your household.

There are various ways to find games on Google Assistant, which complicates things and makes round-ups such as these all the more useful (if we do say so ourselves).

We also found games like Classic Hangman a nightmare to play when it was unable to recognise our pronunciation of simple things like the letter E. And then there's the fact that some games seem to come and go, some don't work in all regions, and often when you're trying to call up a game it will instead start playing a random YouTube video or a song on Google Play Music - the Dustin From Stranger Things game is a good example here, and if you don't first say "Hey Google, I want to play a game" it will instead start playing highlights from the TV series on YouTube.

Now, we're not going to lie, some of the games you can play on Google Assistant really aren't very good.

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Image of article 'OneDrive for Android updated with support for Pixel 4's face unlock'

OneDrive for Android updated with support for Pixel 4's face unlock

Microsoft’s cloud storage service previously had the option to lock the app with either a fingerprint or a pin, and the addition of the face unlock feature will be a welcome addition to users of Google’s smartphones that do not come with a fingerprint scanner.

Now, OneDrive for Android is receiving an update (spotted by AndroidPolice) that enables the option for users to choose face unlock as the authentication method, in addition to using a pin or a fingerprint.

This allows for apps to provide fingerprint and/or face unlock options, the latter which is especially useful for devices like the Pixel 4 line of phones.

Google debuted a native biometrics API with Android 10 that lets app developers provide biometric authentication options for their apps natively through the OS.

Once set up, the authentication happens every time the app is opened or based on the passcode timeout, and users can then confirm the prompt or dismiss it to use the pin.

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Image of article 'What Is San Diego Comic-Con Playing At'

What Is San Diego Comic-Con Playing At

One imagines that the people behind SDCC never anticipated that the convention might need to be full-on cancelled, but that’s the terrible things about unexpected events: You can’t see them coming.

Because SDCC tends to come out making more money than it costs to actually put the event on, organizers have stated in the past that profits for any one given year go into a fund for future conventions.

While the organization explained that it’s keeping abreast of new covid-19-related developments and implied that its plans may change, the overall thrust of the messages was that for now, people are meant to assume that San Diego Comic-Con is going to proceed as planned.

This afternoon, San Diego Comic-Con’s organizers posted a message to their official Twitter account expressing...their hopes that the covid-19 crisis calms down in time for SDCC to kick off as proceeded in July.

Beyond doing its part to avoid contributing to the spread of coronavirus, SDCC also has the opportunity to add its voice to the chorus of others that are trying to convey to the public how series this outbreak really is.

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Image of article 'Animal Crossing Is Letting Me Wear $1000 Jackets I Could Never Afford'

Animal Crossing Is Letting Me Wear $1000 Jackets I Could Never Afford

Considering you could buy a Switch, a copy of Animal Crossing, a TV, sound system and still have more cash left over than if you’d bought an actual Acronym jacket, that’s a good deal!

An Acronym jacket is an enormous flex, but it’s one that comes at a price, because if you can ever get one new (they sell out quickly whenever released a few times a year on Acronym’s site), they’ll cost you well over $1000.

If you don’t know them by name, or their collaborations with brands like Nike and Stone Island, you might know them by their work in video games: they designed Adam’s jacket in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and featured prominently in Death Stranding’s rainy, apocalyptic wardrobes (including a cameo by Hugh himself).

And few pieces of techwear are as expensive, or as desirable, as Acronym jackets.

While it’s perfectly expected and cool that people are using Animal Crossing’s design tools to create unique and interesting clothes, some players are simply using them to craft recreations of outfits they already own.

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Image of article 'Technical achievement'

Technical achievement

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the three premier computer architecture conferences: the ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Computer Architecture; the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture; and the IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture.

He has authored four books and published more than 300 IEEE/ACM journal or conference papers in the areas of computer architecture, very large-scale integration (VLSI) design and EDA.

A fellow of IEEE, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Xie was selected "for contributions to technology-driven computer architecture and to [developing] tools for their implementation and evaluation."

Manjunath and Xie are faculty members in the department of electrical and computer engineering.

Recognized for contributions that have significantly promoted technical progress in their fields, UC Santa Barbara professors B.S. Manjunath and Yuan Xie have been selected to receive the Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society.

Image of article 'Fortnite' gets a bullet-stopping 'Kingsman' umbrella'

Fortnite' gets a bullet-stopping 'Kingsman' umbrella

The rain-defeating device also works as a melee weapon and even a temporary glider.

Just don't expect to pull off your best Mary Poppins impression -- you'll meet the ground much sooner than you would if you used your normal glider.

The same update also introduces an inflatable crash pad that can save you from taking fall damage if you need to make a dramatic leap.

It's unclear how long the umbrella and crash pad will last in Fortnite.

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Image of article 'Apple Releases Beta 1 of watchOS 6.2.5 to Developers for Testing Purposes'

Apple Releases Beta 1 of watchOS 6.2.5 to Developers for Testing Purposes

Today, Apple has seen fit to release the first beta of its upcoming watchOS 6.2.5 to developers for testing purposes.

If you're a developer, you can download and install the latest watchOS beta from the Apple Developer Center.

Apple Releases Beta 1 of watchOS 6.2.5 to Developers for Testing Purposes Beta 1 of watchOS 6.2.5 arrives a week after the company released watchOS 6.2 to the general public.

Apple Releases Second Beta of iOS 13.4, macOS Catalina 10.15.4, watchOS 6.2, tvOS 13.4 to Developers If you're interested in downloading watchOS 6.2.5 on your compatible Apple Watch, it is available for free through the dedicated Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

As we have mentioned earlier, it might be too early to ask what Apple might have added in the new beta 1 of watchOS 6.2.5.

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Image of article 'Cashing in on lockdown, this platform lets you win money for playing games online'

Cashing in on lockdown, this platform lets you win money for playing games online

Also Read: PUBG Mobile completes two years, boasts of 50 million daily active users Ludo is the third most popular game on the platform and can be played in two modes, Versus-Mode and Bazzi format.

The company says players are offered prize pools of worth over Rs 1 crore every month, just for this game alone.

In a release, the company has revealed the top three games played by people via its platform to win prizes.

WinZO, an esports platform, is using the surge in activity thanks to the lockdown to offer prize pools for playing games like Pool, Bubble Shooter and PUBG Mobile.

This game can be played free of cost on WinZO, but players can also put up money to spice up the game a bit.

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Vermintide 2 won’t get named Warhammer characters as they’re too epic

One of the frequently asked for features was an off-line game mode, and the developers delivered that within a week.

The players are very familiar with Lohner, and it was great to expand his part of the game with his very own store.

We want to improve the onboarding for new players and also make sure the game is a bit more coherent in some areas.

Wahlund graciously agreed to answer a few questions remotely nonetheless, so read on for a quick catch-up about the state of Vermintide 2 right now and its ever growing player count (now at a muscular three million on PC alone), a fruitless inquiry about a possible sixth character, and how Dreadlands is faring.

Developer Fatshark has been busy not only with its hit horde game, but also its publishing debut as it helped bring Dreadlands, developed by a longtime Fatshark employee at his own studio, to market.

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Image of article 'Zoom Meetings Aren't End      -      to      -      End Encrypted, Despite Misleading Marketing'

Zoom Meetings Aren't End - to - End Encrypted, Despite Misleading Marketing

An anonymous reader shares a report: Zoom, the video conferencing service whose use has spiked amid the Covid-19 pandemic, claims to implement end-to-end encryption, widely understood as the most private form of internet communication, protecting conversations from all outside parties.

In fact, Zoom is using its own definition of the term, one that lets Zoom itself access unencrypted video and audio from meetings.

With millions of people around the world working from home in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, business is booming for Zoom, bringing more attention on the company and its privacy practices, including a policy, later updated, that seemed to give the company permission to mine messages and files shared during meetings for the purpose of ad targeting.

Still, Zoom offers reliability, ease of use, and at least one very important security assurance: As long as you make sure everyone in a Zoom meeting connects using "computer audio" instead of calling in on a phone, the meeting is secured with end-to-end encryption, at least according to Zoom's website, its security white paper, and the user interface within the app.

But despite this misleading marketing, the service actually does not support end-to-end encryption for video and audio content, at least as the term is commonly understood.

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Daily Deal: The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle

The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle has 10 courses to help you discover the power of Excel.

You'll move on to learning how to program in VBA, how to easily sort your data using cell protection, named ranges, multi-level storing, advanced filters, and more.

You will gain skills for better collaboration, including password protection and tracking changes, learn to audit worksheets, validate data to ensure consistency, and use other essential business tools in Microsoft Excel.

The bundle is on sale for $50.

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Image of article 'Get the right tools for home office with Keysworlds'

Get the right tools for home office with Keysworlds

So we have for you some special deals and discount coupons featuring the best from Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office product families.

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